Frank Iero And The Future Violents - Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place

The new EP by Frank Iero And The Future Violents promises darkness, hope - and everything in between.

Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place, the new EP featuring four tracks from Ex- My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, even though written and released during the COVID-19 pandemic, sounds and feels everything else than distant and quiet.

“You got so sick, I thought I’d die, you got so down, I couldn’t get high”- The first words of the EP`s starter song Violence hit dark and tragic tunes. The band, currently consisting of Evan Nestor from Science on guitar and backing vocals, Murder By Death’s Matt Armstrong on bass, Thursday’s Tucker Rule behind the drum kit and Kayleigh Goldsworthy from Dave Hause And The Mermaid on keys, mandolin and violin, creates perfectly a mysterious surrounding and underlines Iero`s pain - "Your violence feels like kisses to me, your silence makes it harder to breathe, your distance feels like I’m not enough… I need your touch".

This feeling continues and grows into a beastly "Sewer Wolf" – Iero`s voice, a mixture of edginess paired with a melodic and soft twist, combined with solid drums and dark guitar chords, burst all silence and formally explode.

The third song on the EP, a cover of REMs "Losing My Religion", strikes softer and moderate notes. It is indeed a remarkably successful one which I personally enjoy more than the original- less boring, more dynamic, a female background voice included.

"Record Ender"- the simply named fourth and final song of the piece, is overwhelmingly optimistic and pure. The perfect ending of a very explosive and intimate record, full of hope, and truly inspiring.

The EP was mixed by long-term friend and collaborator Steve Evetts in late 2020. Iero comments on the title of the EP: " […] The band went out to eat and get drinks at a local Tiki bar called Lost Lake. On the menu that night there was a drink called Heaven is a place/This is the place. […] I love when the universe gives you gifts like that. You just have to be in tune to your surroundings. The name struck me as clever and I started to think about how changing one word in that title meant something way more profound to me. Heaven is a place, if you believe in that sort of thing...It is the reward at the end of a long hard journey of fighting the good fight and living your life to whatever standards you hold dear. But it's just a place. And so is this...This is a place, the earthly realm, miraculous on so many levels but also just a place. The difference is you and your perception."

1. Violence
2. Sewer Wolf
3. Losing My Religion  (R.E.M. - Cover)
4. Record Ender

Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place
UNFD Records

Neli Fritsch

"Music to me is the air that I breathe, it`s the blood that pumps through my veins, that keeps me alive"

~ Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day